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Automatischer SMT-Bestuecker

Modell:BS384V1 / BS384V2


  • High Accuracy,High Flexibility for 0201(0.6mmX0.3mm)SOIC,PLCC,BGA,,CSP,QFP (0.5mm pitch)
  • Smart Feeder ID Function for speedy Set-up, easy operation
  • Suitable for small volume production
  • Vision on the Fly Alignment System
  • Bottom Vision Alignment System for fine pitch QFP and BGA
  • Built-in Camera System with auto Fiducial Mark Learning
  • Dispenser System
  • Vision Inspection for before or after production
  • Universal CAD Conversion
  • Windows 2000 Operation Perform
  • Ball Screw System

Produkt Information

Strong & Rigid Structure

BS384 using heavy duty and high percision linear Ball Rail system to provide strong, rigid and long life time mechanism.

Ball Screw System

BS383 using pre-loaded ball screw with closed loop DC-Servo motor system, provide high repeatability and stability. Ball Screw System

Vision on the Fly Alignment System

Vision on the Fly for most SMD components from 0201, SOIC, PLCC & QFP. Vision on the Fly Alignment System

Dispenser System

With the optional stand alone dispenser head which can dispense adhesive/ solder paste suitable for quick small volume production without making stencil.

Flexibility Fiducial Mark System

Circular, Square solder pad or even a plated through hole can be use as a fiducial mark for recognition.

Circular solder pad square solder pad plate-through hole

Vision Alignment System

Optional Vision Alignment system for 0.5mm fine pitch QFP, BGA, & CSP


Programme can view

After finished programme, User can view the veracity for Pick&Place

PCB Overlay Feeder Overview

Automatic Tape Feeder:

8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm, 72mm tape feeders available for Model BS384.

Half step (2mm advance) feeder also available for 0201/0402 component.

Universal IC Tube Feeder:

KFTB universal tube feeder combine with vibration and belt driven technique, provide the best driving for different size ICs at the same time

KFTB-2 (10pcs of 8mm tube)

KFTB-4 (20 pcs of 8mm tube)

Quick Change Feeder Rack:

FR-32K can adapt 32pcs of 8mm tape feeder or 40pcs of 8mm tube feeder

Optional Conveyor System:

With the CY-3V virtual 3 stage conveyor system, which can be speed up the handing of PCB or in-line production. Optional Conveyor System

Buffering Nozzle:

Spring buffering design automatic adjust the placement perssure for different height of component. Buffering Nozzle

Vision Inspection

With the built-in software, the camera can automatically move and display the image in the computer screen, user can manually check the printing accuracy of solder paste, quality of the soldering, accuracy of component placement, etc... Vision Inspection

Universal CAD Conversion

Beside the direct input of data by teach-in camera. An optional CAD conversion program for directly transfer of CAD generated pick and place data will be available.

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